Hot Process Soap

So I talked about the Cold Process (CP) method for making soap, now here’s some info on the Hot Process (HP) method for making soap.

HP soap starts off with the same basic method as the Cold Process method; mix lye with liquid, melt oils/fats, combine and bring to a trace. That’s where they differentiate. Once the raw soap has reached a trace the soap is then put over head (you can use a burner on low, or a crock pot, both work well). The soap is then cooked slowly and stirred occasionally until it reaches a Vaseline-type consistency. At that point you can add color and scent and then put into a mold. Once it is cooled it is cut and set to cure.

The cure process for HP soap is usually less then for CP soap, but both need to be cured to best results.

Once challenge when you make HP soap is that it is difficult to get the perfectly smooth consistency that you can achieve with the CP method, because of the cooking process. But this is an aesthetic issue and not one with the quality of the soap itself.

The main benefit of the HP process is that the soap doesn’t have to cure as long before the soap is ready to use. The heat used to cook the soap finishes the saponification process and makes the soap safe to use as soon as it has cooled, but the curing process allows the soap to mature and makes for a better bar of soap.

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