Soap that looks like baked goods?

Another idea that gives me mixed feelings are soaps that are made to look like baked goods. Now I’ve made a few that don’t really look like baked goods (Key Lime Pie soaps with whipped soap topping, Brownie soaps made with a mold that makes realistic looking brownie molds) but I’ve only ever given them away as gifts to family and friends. In my recent edition of a soaping magazine that I read they had an article about using flexible silicon baking molds to make realistic looking soaps that look like cakes.

My initial reaction to this was “Wow, that’s amazing” but then I thought that who would want to use soap make to look like a slice of cake? But then again maybe the point is not to use it, but to have an amazing looking soap to have in a guest bathroom, or to give as a gift, but not one that you would ever use.

So, while I might try this as the next round of gifts I give to family and friends, I don’t think this will be an item that I will ever sell, but what do you think? Vote below and tell me!


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