Experience isn’t everything….

OK, so I’m human. I was trying to rush in a batch of soap before running off to an appointment and I should have just waited and made the soap later. My oils were probably too hot, and I didn’t mix enough to ensure even distribution, and I didn’t take care not to insulate so the batch wouldn’t gel. All of these mistakes made for a bad batch of soap. It separated and came out in several layers. It’s not an attractive bar nor a usable one either at this point.

So, it’s back into the pot for this soap. I’ll chunk it up, throw it back into my soap kettle and cook it for a while to try and force it into a usable soap. Once cooked it will be put into a mold (or maybe several) and then once cooled it will be set to cure and then used.

Soap like this, soap that doesn’t turn out like I want, is perfectly usable. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it, it isn’t perfect and I won’t sell it as a perfect soap. If it’s pretty enough I might sell it as Mystery Soap, but otherwise it will be more soap for my sink, or I may give it away to family and friends. Or, perhaps, show up as a free gift for customers. It all depends on how it turns out.

So now I’ve again remembered while I never make soap unless I can give myself at least 60 minutes to make it. It doesn’t always take that long, but it lets me relax and enjoy the process rather than rushing it and risk a damaged batch.



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