Soap for my son

On a recent trip to the Oakland Zoo (we have an annual membership and go 2-4 times a month) we were in the gift shop and my son found these little rubber elephants that he adored. I bought them for him and told him that I would put them into a special bar of soap for him.

After contemplating the rubber elephants for awhile I decided to embed them into glycerin soap upside down. I poured a thin layer of clear glycerin soap into the bottom of the mold and let it cool. Then I poured a 2nd layer of soap and put the elephants into this layer with it’s legs sticking up. After it cooled I poured a 3rd layer that came up to the bottom of it’s feet. After that layer cooled a 4th layer of green soap (to look like green grass) was poured to fill the mold. After the soap cooled for a few hours I popped it out of the mold.

When I showed my son he squealed with delight and immediately asked to wash his hands. He adored the soap so much that he kept getting hands dirty so that he would have to wash them with his new soap. it was worth the time and effort to see how happy it made him. And all that from a little $0.75 rubber elephant!


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