Why are not all items available in all scents?

This is a questions I get a lot. Why are some items available in some scents but not other items. The answer is simple yet complex. Some of the fragrance oils I use are only good for certain products (such as candles – especially gel candles). Some fragrance oils don’t tolerate the handmade soap making process well and either the scent doesn’t “hold” (the scent gets weaker over time to the point where you can’t smell it anymore) or it causes the batch of soap to “sieze” (similar to what happens if you get a little bit of water into melted chocolate and the chocolate seizes – it’s never the same after that) and become so difficult to work with that you end up throwing it out.

Also, not all fragrance oils are created equal. Some are safe for use in soaps (wash off products) while some are safe in lotions & scrubs (that have leave on properties) and some are good for candles (not skin safe at all). It is often difficult to find a fragrance oil that will work for all of these item.

Essential oils also do not tolerate all methods. They are generally considered unsafe to burn in candles (with a few exceptions – like citronella) and many don’t hold up well in the handmade soap process (like lemon and bergamot).

So I hope that answered your question. Feel free to leave me a question you have and I will try to answer it in a future blog.


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