The Wonder of Soap

Often as I wash my hands with one of the many bars of soap that sit on the counter of the sink I marvel at this block of soap and how it came to be. While I know the process I use to create soap, what really amazes me is that something that I have to measure so carefully to make (I should say to make so that it isn’t harsh to the skin) used to be made by “feel” for hundreds of years.

Before there were chemical refinement process, soap was made by percolating water though fire ashes and then mixing the water with tallow or lard to make soap. Initially soap was more of a pudding like consistency then a firm bar & was vary harsh to the kin and fabric, causing chemical burns at times.

Even before that process – who discovered soap? I once read a fictional explanation of the “discovery” of soap, but the more I learn about soap the less plausable that method of discovery seems to me. I am often mystified when I think about who figured out the whole soap making process.

As I contemplate my next batch of soap I think about all the soap makers before me who have refined the process to make soap the wonderful product it is today, and about all my fellow soap makers who are consistently pushing soap to the next level.

So the next time you wash your hands with a bar of soap think about how far it’s come, and imagine where it could be in the future.

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