The little things in life.

This morning my son asked me if we could make pancakes for breakfast. I was thrilled with this request (he’s not quite 3) and we made them together. He helped me measure and stir the batter. With a critical eye he watched me spoon the batter onto a hot skillet and watched them cook letting me know when to turn them, and then he helped me put them on the plate.

I don’t know if it’s because he helped me make them or if he’s going through a growing spurt but he ate 4-1/2 pancakes for breakfast! He was so proud of himself with the whole pancake process, and I was thrilled to watch my little guy make breakfast right along with me.

It’s amazing how fast they grow and it reminds me every day to stop and enjoy the world around me. I can’t stop or slow down time, but I can be more aware of it and savor every moment, because there may come a day when he doesn’t want to make pancakes with his mom anymore.


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