Creating new recipes

I adore playing with new recipes. Sometimes the inspiration comes to me while driving or cooking, and sometimes by talking with others who make soap.

I’m working out a recipe today that uses sweetened condensed milk and the cinnamon sugar FO that I didn’t know what to do with.  There is speculation amongst those of use who make soap that the sweetened condensed milk will create a soap with lots of bubbles thanks to the sugar in it, and the extra fat should make it extra moisturizing as well. We will have to see. I hope to get it made this morning and hope to unmold it tomorrow. I’ll post photos and share my results of how it all pulled together.



The soap is in the mold! I put a swirl of cinnamon in the soap using a “in the pot” swirl technique (but that’s for a later blog). It’s now resting and will be ready to unmold either tonight or tomorrow. It’s scented with my new “Snickerdoodle” scent that is a blend of Cinnamon-Sugar & Vanilla and smells WONDERFUL! It will turn tan/brown due to the Vanilla, but that should just give it character!  Will update once I’ve unmolded and cut it, but here ‘s a photo of it “sleeping”

Sweetened Condensed Milk Soap with Cinnamon, Sugar & Vanilla Scent

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  1. Cinnamon Sugar - What to do? « Body by M Blog Says:

    […] – MARCH 1, 2009: It’s currently being used in a batch of Handmade Soap as in my blog here and I blended the scent with Vanilla and named it Snickerdoodle, after my favorite cookie! […]

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