The Lime & The Coconut

Lime & 2 Coconuts Handmade Soap

Lime & 2 Coconuts Handmade Soap

I adore scents that remind me of lying on a beach with the warm sun, white sand and a drink in my hand that has an umbrella. That was the inspiration for the Lime & 2 Coconuts Handmade Soap. I started with coconut milk and coconut oil as the base for the soap, added Palm, Soy& Olive oils. After the soap is mixed I added some titanium dioxide to make it white, and colored some of it green and swirled it in, but not before adding Lime Essential Oil for scent. The results is a green and white swirled soap with the wonderful scent of lime.

I was on a chat room for soap makers and was talking about coconut soap with several other soap makers and started to wonder if I could increase the coconut factor in the soap. One way is to add some shredded coconut to give it a mild exfoliating factor and to give the bar a bit more texture. After doing some research into different kinds of coconut I settled on a finely shredded coconut that is unsweetened and is the size of large grain sugar. Using the same base recipe I added the coconut to the soap prior to adding the green swirls to it. After 24 hours in the mold it was cut and set to cure for 3 weeks.

At that time I grabbed the little end bar and cut it in half to have a piece to test in my sink. It’s amazing what a little texture will do for a bar of soap!

I’ll let you all know when it goes on sale, but expect it to be the end of March 2009.

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