How now Brown Vanilla

Many times I am asked how I can say that a product has no added color if it’s not the same color as an unscented and uncolored product. The answer for this is that any fragrance oil that has vanilla in it will naturally color the product tan to brown depending on several factors including: amount of vanilla scent in the fragrance oil, the amount of fragrance oil used in the product, any additional process the product goes through after adding the fragrance oil (such as in handmade soap, the process that happens during the gel and curing process can darken the color), and how the fragrance oil reacts to the finished product.

This is why our Hand & Body Lotion that is scented with our vanilla fragrance oil does not have color listed in the ingredients because the vanilla fragrance oil darkens in the lotion to give it a tan color. The same is true for any handmade soap that has vanilla in it (such as our Vanilla Handmade Soap) or our Limited Edition Eggnog Handmade Soap with added fragrance.

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3 Responses to “How now Brown Vanilla”

  1. Creating new recipes « Body by M Blog Says:

    […] scented with my new “Snickerdoodle” scent that is a blend of Cinnamon-Sugar & Vanilla and smells WONDERFUL! It will turn tan/brown due to the Vanilla, but that should just give it […]

  2. Chai Tea Soap in the mold « Body by M Blog Says:

    […] and unmold it. The color will darken over time since the fragrance oil has vanilla in it (see blog How Now Brown Vanilla for the reason why) so I can’t wait to see what color it will be in 3-4 weeks when it is done […]

  3. Holiday scents – I love them! « Body by M Blog Says:

    […] dioxide (to counteract some of the browning from the vanilla in the fragrance oil – see How Now Brown Vanilla for more on […]

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