Would you like some soap with your wine?

A trip up to Napa yesterday got me thinking about making more wine soap (the white wine is in the fridge waiting to become soap) and while it did inspire me to try new techniques it also reminded me about how finicky wine can be about becoming soap.

Which makes sense, because grapes can be finicky about becoming wine as well, so why shouldn’t they continue that on into being made in to soap? When I make the chemical solution with the wine if I haven’t simmered it enough to cook off most of the alcohol (you never really get rid of all of it) then I get a volcano reaction that bubbles out of the container. I also have found that if I put the wine in the fridge and get it nice and cold after simmering it that helps, but I ALWAYS mix it outside just incase of extra fumes.

Once the solution settles down it’s time to make the soap. I add the solution to the oils and stir until I get a light trace, then add the fragrance oil and pour into the mold. Then it’s time to be patient while it gels and sets for 24 hours before I unmold, cut and set to cure for 3 weeks.

The Red Wine Handmade Soap gets it’s color from the red wine, and the Champagne Hand Made Soap gets it’s color from the wine but also from the fragrance oil (but that’s another blog day).

I’m thinking about trying out different combinations of wine, perhaps a red/white swirl bar or a bar with a layer of red wine soap and then a layer of white wine soap. What do you think? Let me know, I value your opinions.

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