I’m in love!

No, not with a person, but with our 100% Natural Sugar Scrub. I’ve been using it for over 2 months in my shower and I just love it! While I almost always have a scrub (or two or three) in my shower, this one is my current favorite. Its scent starts off with pink grapefruit and then Valencia orange and lemon. It makes my bathroom and bedroom smell like fresh cut citrus.

I fell in love with Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs many years ago to help with my dry skin. Lotion after a shower was good, but it didn’t keep my skin moisturized all day long. So I started playing with slat scrubs. I love those too, but it was a friend of mine who asked for a sugar scrub as she felt that they were less abrasive than a salt scrub, and our sugar scrubs were born!

I use the scrubs at the end of my shower – after I have sahed and I’m almost done. I take a good handful out of the tub and us e some on each arm, each leg and the then my body. I shower off the scrub, get out of the shower, towel off and I’m ready to get dressed and start my day. No spereatea lotion needed.

A word of caution: It does tend to make your shower to tub alippery so becasreful not to slip and to let others using the same shower or tub that it might be slippery.

I’ll never go back to just lotion after a shower! Scrubs are here to stay in my shower, and my bathtub as I use them occasioanlly as a bath salt so that I don’t have to have separate bath salt in the tub (but I always have several of those as well).


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