Chamomile Castille Soap

Today was the day that we started the lengthy process of taking the chamomile-olive oil infusion that we have been making and turning it into Castille Soap. We started the process with straining the chamomile blossoms from the olive oil, which was a lengthy process but worth the time. The oil has a faint scent of chamomile and it absorbs wonderfully into the skin, when applied directly to dry skin.

The chemical solution was prepared and allowed to cool to room temperature, and then mixed with the infused oil, brought to a light trace, finely ground chamomile blossoms were added, and then poured into the mold. The mold was when placed into a refrigerator to keep cool and to not allow the soap to gel, to retain as many of the beneficial properties of the infused oils as possible.

After 18 hours in the refrigerator the soap will be unmolded, cut and set to cure for 3-4 weeks before we offer it for sale. Each 5 ounce bar will be sold for $5.99. I expect to list it for sale on December 12, 2008


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