New & Improved

When I was working on the last batch of lotion that came out too thin I was thinking that it would be nice to have a thicker lotion to have to sell, so after some tinkering I came up with our New & Improved Hand & Body Lotion. It has the same ingredients as the Hand & Body Lotion we have been selling, but it contains less water which makes it thicker and easier to apply.

Now, most companies would charge more for a product when they remove water (which is an expensive ingredient) since it requires more of the other ingredients that cost more. I decided that this was not a direction that I wanted to take, especially with the economy the way that it is. We are still offering our 8 ounce bottle of hand & Body Lotion for $8.99 and it still comes in unscented as well as our other 7 scents: Cucumber-Melon, Lavender, Vanilla, Freesia, Key Lime, Gardenia, and Jasmine.

I believe that our customers are so important to us that they should not have to pay a higher price for a better product. It’s just something that we should do because it’s the right thing to do.

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