Husband Soap

I had some lotion that got too thin on me and I was lamenting what to do with it last week and my husband asked if I could use it when I made my next batch of handmade soap? Sure, I said, why not? I’m always experimenting with new things and this seemed like a perfect opportunity as I hated to throw out all that lotion.

I used the lotion to make the chemical solution to add to the oils, and while it was a bit tricky to work with I kept going and had faith that it would work. I stirred the solution into my oils, stirred until I got a light trace, added the fragrance oil (Freesia for this batch), took a small quantity of it and put it in a separate container that I colored with yellow Iron Oxide for a nice yellow swirl, poured the colored soap back into the pot and give it a few gentle stirs to start the swirl process, poured it into my mold, covered it and let it set overnight.

I was rewarded the next morning with a beautiful log of soap that unmolded beautifully and cut nicely. The soap is a bit soft right now, but with a good long cure of 3-4 weeks that should help firm it up a bit. It smells lovely and has a gentle and subtle yellow swirl in it.

The results – Lotion Soap! This batch probably won’t be for sale, as It will be my test batch, but I am in the process of thinking about making more batches of soap with lotion and having a new line of Lotion Soaps which should have greater moisturizing properties than my regular Handmade Soap.

I’ll let you know when I start offering the new line of Lotion Soaps!


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