My sink looks more like a testing zone than a bathroom!

One of the benefits, or drawbacks, to making spa and bath products is that I end up testing items on myself before I ever give them to my test panel to try out. After all, if I don’t like it I don’t think I should make others try it. The exception for this is for scents that I can’t stand but others love.

My sink usually has between 3-5 handmade soaps there to test, and are in various stages of testing. I might have a new Foaming Hand & Body Wash there, as well as lotions, scrubs, and oils. I tried keeping a notebook there to keep track of what I liked and didn’t like about each item, but that didn’t work well as it always got wet and I couldn’t read what my comments were.

My husband is very tolerant of this, and often I give him batches of soap to try at the gym showers at work, and my son loves playing with my new creations – I can’t keep him out of the Foaming Hand & Body Wash as he is often pushing a chair up to the sink and announcing “wash hands” even if he did it 30 minutes ago and didn’t do anything to get his hands dirty!

Luckily everyone takes it in stride and in the end some products make it and others end up going back to the drawing board, sometimes even more than once. It’s a clean job but someone has to do it!


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