Wait, I can’t think about Christmas yet!

If you’re like me you hate that there are isles full of Christmas stuff in stores, and have been for several weeks. It makes me want to climb the walls! Can’t I get through Thanksgiving without thinking about Christmas yet?

While that may be true for my private life, here at Body by M we have to be thinking ahead since it can take a while to get the kinks out of the product making process, and when it is successful it takes a while for handmade soap to cure and do its thing. So while I was horrified when I saw Christmas decorations in the stores in mid-October I was thrilled when I noticed Eggnog at my local grocery store!

I had been chatting about making eggnog soap on a soaper’s chat board for about 5 weeks now and have been asking the dairy manager at my store when they were going to get it in. Well, the finally did and I ran down to the store to get some.

It was very finicky to work with, and temperamental as well, but I finally convinced it to play nice (or at least not dirty) and it made it’s way into a batch of soap. Because of the high sugar content I made it using a new-to-me technique of not letting the soap go through the gel phase (What’s the gel phase you ask? That’s for another day) so as to not burn the sugar. The resulting soap is creamy in texture but lacks much of a scent.

I used up the rest of what I had bought and made a second batch adding the eggnog at a different time and adding some eggnog fragrance oil to it. That batch I just cut today and it will take a few days of curing to know how strong the scent will end up being.

I’ll let you know how it all turns out, but I’m expecting it to go on sale mid-November so keep an eye out for it. I’ll post here when it’s ready.


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