Oh, my tired feet‏

I spend many hours on my feet each day, as does my husband, and at the end of the day our feet our often sore and tired. After discussing with him what would help our feet there were two things we came up with: a foot massage and a warm foot soak. With this in mind I set out to create a product that would fit both of these.

I started looking for a good foot soap to make and ran into some interesting thoughts about what to use. Epsom salt has long been used to help reduce discomfort in muscles when used as a bath or soak. Menthol has been used for it’s cooling action in many products. I wanted to combine these 2 ingredients to make 1 great product.

Starting with coconut oil as a base and adding castor oil, avocado oil, sweet almond, and apricot kernel oils. Then I stirred in menthol and eucalyptus oils, and finally I stirred in Epsom salts. The result: our Menthol & Eucalyptus Foot Scrub & Soak.

After several tests we discovered that the best way to use this product was to fill a basin with warm water (enough to cover feet when placed in the basin), place it on a towel and have a towel near by. Take a small scoop of the product and rub into your feet for 2-3 minutes. Then place your foot into the basin of water and repeat with the other foot. Soak feet 10-15 minutes. Take feet out of water and pat dry. You will notice a cooling tingle for a short while after. That’s the menthol.

It will be available starting November 3, 2008.

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