Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils

So I’ve had a few questions about what the difference is between essential oils and fragrance oils. Here is the answer that I give.

Essential oils are oils that are extracted from botanical sources (leaves, stems, petals, flower, etc) and contain the scent or essence of the plant from which they were made. They often vary in price from one essential oil, or EO, to another based on how difficult it is to extract an EO or how much botanical material it takes to make an ounce of EO. They are extracted by one of the following methods: steam distillitation, cold pressed, cold expressed, and solvent extraction.

Fragrance oils, or FO, are created either entirely synthetically or a combination of synthetic compounds and essential oils. Since fragrance oils are primarily made of synthetic compounds the price for them remains unchanged from year to year.

Both can be temperamental and tricky to work with as each has is own characteristics and personality. It’s important to know that neither one should ever be applied directly to the skin, and people can have reactions to either one. Not all are suitable for use in skin care products or in candles. It takes a bit of research to find a scent that is useful for a given use.

Hope that helped. Let me know if you have any questions.


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