What is natural?

Someone asked me the other day “Why are some of your products listed as natural and other are not?” As I was answering the questions I realized that the answer isn’t always as simple as it may seem.

Natural can have several meanings, especially when it comes to Spa and bath products. Natural can mean an end product that has nothing artificial or chemically modified added to it. So any of the products that we make that have color or fragrance oil added would not be considered 100% natural, even though it is made with some natural ingredients.

In some definitions a product can only be considered natural if the ingredients used are used for their primary purpose and not for some other reason. A perfect example of this is our Orange-Chocolate Handmade Soap. The chocolate layer has cocoa powder in it, which does color that layer brown, but the primary use of it in this soap is to bring a deeper chocolate scent. The fact that is does color that layer brown is an added bonus. In the orange layer I use turmeric to color that layer orange. As I am not using it for other properties that it has, but only as a coloring agent it could be considered an artificial color, even though it is from a natural source.

I use the term natural to refer to products made that have no synthetic or chemical altered ingredients, such as those where we use fragrance oil to scent them

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have about our products or their ingredients.


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