Patience will be rewarded, eventually

I have decided to take on a new process in soap making: cold infusion of oils. This 3 week process takes patience and daily dedication to create an oil that has wonderful properties.

I started with taking large glass bottles and filling them first with either dried chamomile flowers or dried calendula petals. Then I poured high quality olive oil over them to cover and put in a dark cool place. Daily they will need to be shaken to help the process along.

After the 3 week infusion process the oils will be drained, and the botanical parts placed into my compost bin, as their work for soap making will be done. Then the olive oil will be carefully made into castile soap with a cold soaping process that I will explain more when I made the soap, so stay tuned for that.

Why use chamomile and calendula to infuse the olive oil? Chamomile has been used both internally and externally for centuries and when used on the skin it can help reduce some minor skin irritations as it is known to have a mild antiseptic effect on the skin. Calendula has been known to help in treating acne, skin inflammation and soothing irritated skin.

Cold infusion takes much longer than a warm infusion process where you heat up the oil and botanicals, keep them warm for several hours, allow to cool and then strain, but this process can destroy some of the beneficial properties in both the oil and the botanicals. So while it takes more time to do the cold infusion method.


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