To color or not to color?

That is the question. Up until now I have not used “artificial” colorants to color the handmade soap that I make. I’ve used cocoa powder to get a brown color and turmeric for a light orange color, pumpkin makes soap a dark orange, and all the other colors in the handmade soaps are the result of the ingredients used to make it.

Today, for the first time, I made a soap with color in it. Trying out a new mold, which I had been waiting for almost a month to arrive, I made a batch of “Peppermint Twist” soap. I used Titanium Dioxide to help color the soap white, and Ultramarine Pink to create a pink swirl in the soap, reminiscent of the hand pulled peppermint taffy that I used to get at the county fair as a child.

I did a lot of research before embarking on this project. I am on several chat boards with other soap makers who use colors as a regular basis to color their soaps, and I have been picking their brains on techniques, colorants to use, and amounts. I even did research on the peppermint fragrance oil that I used for the soap. The other peppermint handmade soap that we sell has no scent added, but I was looking for something with a stronger peppermint scent that was suitable for the holidays and after.

Peppermint is something that I start looking forward to with my first cold of fall. Sipping a cup of hot peppermint tea is always soothing and reminds me of my grandmother who was a believer in peppermint tea for colds. So as I made this soap I thought of her and how she would have loved to use a bar of peppermint soap. I like to use peppermint soap when I need a pick-me-up in the morning, as it is defiantly refreshing and eye-opening.

I also chose it as peppermint is a scent that works for all, men, women, children, teens and adults. Fresh, clean and invorgitaing. Just what soap should be!


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