Why 2 wicks?

I have posted my first ever 2 wick candle, Island Paradise Gel Wax Candle, and I have had some people ask me “Why 2 wicks?”. Before I ever sell a new product I test it to make sure that it works well. The jar that this candle is in, which is larger than the jars that I am used to using, har a much larger diameter to it. The wicks that I use will not burn the gel wax at the sides of the jar. By putting 2 wicks in the candle it allows for a more complete burn of the gel wax, which means that those who purchase it get the fullest use of the candle.

There is always some gel wax left in the bottom of a gel candle, and that is unavoidable. The wick tabs that are used have a long neck on them, which keeps the flame away from the bottom of the jar. Because gel wax burns hotter then other types of wax it’s important to keep the wick away from the glass, so there is gel wax left over.

After you have burned the candle down to the neck of the wick tab you can still put the jar on a candle warmer plate and the candle will release or “throw” it’s scent for awhile after it can’t be burned anymore. So even once it’s done being a candle you can still enjoy it’s scent.

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2 Responses to “Why 2 wicks?”

  1. How do you make a wine glass candle? | The World Of Candles Says:

    […] Why 2 wicks? […]

  2. bodybym Says:

    Making a gel candle in a wine glass is not that different from making a gel candle in other containers. The thing that you do need to keep in mind is that you need a very heavy wine glass (not a thin one) that can handle the heat from the lit candle. You may need to test several types of glasses before you find one that works.

    When you test burn a new candle I would recommend that you burn it in a safe location, so that if the glass breaks and hot gel wax leaks out you don’t destroy furniture or get hurt.

    You also need to make sure that you use the proper size wick for the size wine glass you use.

    Let me know if you have more questions!

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