Natural is not always better

I found a recipe for bath bombs that I had made a few months back, but due to a water shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area I have not been able to draw a bath to test them. I was on vacation with my family in Detroit, MI. earlier this month and was able to take a bath at the hotel every day. This was the testing time that I needed and ended up going back to the drawing board based on my baths.

I had used turmeric as a natural colorant for one of them, and while it colored the water nicely, it left a yellow/orange ring around the tub! While it did come off with some scrubbing with a washcloth and soap, that bath showed me that turmeric is not the best ingredient to use for coloring bath water.

While trying to use natural items in my products is important to me it’s not always possible, and I have to balance natural with desirability. I can appreciate using the turmeric for a bath product, but if you have to spend 10 minutes scrubbing the bath tub after you are not as relaxed as you should be after a bath.

So it’s back to the drawing board for me for now, and a pause in being able to sell bath bombs. I am still working on it and will let you know when they are available.


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