Fall & Candles

As we are now in Fall my thoughts start to turn again towards candles and how much I have missed them during the summer. I don’t like to burn candles during the summer when it’s warm, and we have had more than our usual share of warm days this summer. As I contemplate the scents that we have in stock, and think about what I want to burn next in my living room I think about new blends and creations. We don’t always agree on what scent we should use, or how to blend a new scent, but we always agree that fall marks the need for more candles in our homes!

We are working on new candle scents to offer as well as new glass jars to put our candles in. Keep and eye out for them, and if you want to be the first to know when we put them on our site sign up at Website Updates Page .

We have 8 candles that we are test burning in our shop right now, as we have been looking at providing larger candles in glass jars from a different manufacturer than we have been using. The benefit is that we will be able to provide a much larger candle at a reasonable price since we won’t have to have the jars shipped to us. It might surprise you to know that because glass is so heavy the cost of shipping can increase the cost of a jar up to 150%! Our new supplier is local and even with the high cost of gas is it much more economical to pick up the glassware then have it shipped. We will be adding more candles to our site as we complete our test burns and make the appropriate changes.

I promise to keep you updated on a regular basis as things change.


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